We do offer deliciously
prepared dishes to take away
and to prepare by yourself.

Wellington beef,
250g fillet of Charolais beef,
Perigord jus winter truffle,
78 € (for 2 persons)
Friday to Sunday only

Icelandic spicy salmon
green papaya and
macadamia nut salad - Wasabicrumble
20 €

Lobster bisque,
fennel and pearl onions
20 €

Wagyu shoulder of beef braised
with Perigord winter truffle,
smoked celeriac-pear cream
and pickled pumpkin
28 €

Black salsify and Perigord truffle
radicchio jam and
Piedmont hazelnuts
24 €

Swabian ravioli
with tuber celery and Fontina D'Aosta
20 €

Dessert in a glass: Mousse au chocolat
with cranberries, tonka bean cream
and coffee crumble
14 €

The Cloud
Dessert of passion fruit,
coconut and chocolate
18 €

Medetai happiness chocolate 100g
8,50 €

Almond with Gianduja chocolate 100g
8,50 €

Dish Plate of Hering Berlin "Blue Silent"
for "The Cloud" - 148 €
Roundel plate for chocolates
from Hering Berlin "Pulse"
104 €

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